We know everything
about mushrooms

Over the years, we have overcome many challenges, so we can say with confidence: we know
everything about mushrooms and
we can satisfy Your needs

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  • 120
    tons of champignons every month
  • 100
    in our team
  • 20
    years of experience in mushroom business

Our history

Myron Turchyn and Mykhaylo Turchyn
The brothers – founders

Myron Turchyn and Mykhaylo Turchyn

For the 20 years of its existence, “Borovyk” has come a long way from a small enterprise to a leading national producer of 120 tons of champignons a month. In 2002, I came up with the idea of creating a Ukrainian brand that would match the best European counterparts and, enlisting the support of my brother Mykhaylo, began to study the experience of leading manufacturers. We managed to become the first company in Ukraine to receive the GLOBAL GAP certificate and start exporting Ukrainian champignons.

We are a family company, our mission is to provide every family with quality mushrooms. We are proud that by buying our products, you not only get a high quality product, but also feel the taste of Pidkarpattya in ancient recipes that we have prepared with love.

Myron Turchyn

Our product

Why are we chosen

High quality

We work according to international standards and you can be sure of the quality


Modern equipment and technology increase production efficiency


We process fresh mushrooms into canned and dried. Whole and sliced

Craft products

With love and care for your health, we create our
products for you

Why you should eat champignons

Lots of protein

The amount of protein is often
equated to some types of meat

Amino acids

Contains more than 20 amino
acids, including essential


Are strong antioxidants due to the
rich content of vitamin E


Growth & development

Vitamin D ensures healthy
bones and teeth

Low calorie

Due to fat absence do not affect
the body shape

Healthy skin

Vitamin B ensures the health of your skin and nails

We are a technology company

Sterilization system

Sterilization of chambers is performed
by steam without the use of
harmful chemicals

Climate systems

Provide the necessary constant
temperature for qualitygrowth
of champignons

Quality control

The world's leading auditing companies conduct quality control at all
stages of production

Convection drying

Provides highly efficient drying of champignons without harmful
treatments and irradiation

Automation of processes

Modern technologies help to improve production processes and
the growing process

Cultivation phase 3

This means improving the quality of mushrooms and increasing the volume
of products grown in less time

They trust us

Our team our family

Our family is our team. We are planning our work together, solving problems and making decisions.

Our team is highly efficient, this efficiency is assessed not only by the volume of products grown
and sales results, but also by the inner atmosphere of love and
friendliness that accompanies daily work.

We are a reliable team, all members of which have a common vision of the company and its goals.


    CEO of the company
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    Commercial Director
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    Chief technologist
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    Chief Accountant
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  • Olha Turchyn
    Director of International Relations
    +380(68) 500-11-34

    Guarantors of our quality

    How to find us


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    On international cooperation and partnership:
    Ukraine, Lviv region, Boryslav, Konovaltsya street 13
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